How to Transfer Elders Safely

If you are caring for an individual with limited mobility or who requires constant assistance, lifting them frequently every day may become part of their routine – yet you may be uncertain how best to do this safely

Lifting someone can be a demanding and risky task, so to help ensure a stress-free lifting experience read up on this article’s tips to safely lift someone. After reading these tips, you should be able to complete the process with confidence.

Patients Lift Chair Lifting someone out of bed usually takes between one and five minutes, but having someone help is key in making this difficult work easier. Do not attempt to lift someone without at least some form of assistance such as another person or chair being available as your lift partner; choose someone trustworthy as an elevator partner who will aid both yourself and loved ones who need their assistance.

How Can Lift Chair Be Used Properly? This article takes the patient lift chair (BMW03) as an example for moving patients from bed to bathroom for taking a bath.

  1. Begin by placing an electric shifter under the bed.
  2. Lift and position the patient for transfer out of bed to an alternate seating arrangement.
  3. Open the safety latch on the back of the lift and move it directly in front of client; apply brakes so as to not slip during patient movement; place feet of patient on lift pedals (photo 4).
  4. Position a thickened nylon sling under the patient’s armpit and use it to lift them from their bed onto a lift chair safely and quickly.
  5. Close the safety latch at their back quickly so they may return quickly to seating themselves on their lift chair – easily transporting their patient from bed to lift chair.
  6. By depressing the shorter pad on a brake pad, we can release its function and safely transport our patients for bathing.
  7. Our lift chair allows us to easily move patients between lift chairs and toilet or bath chairs in an organized fashion. Rated with an IP44 waterproof rating, you can even sit directly on it during showering sessions! To protect both personal safety and the motor’s lifespan, ensure the charging port is closed prior to using.

Senyang Medical extends a warm greeting: Before using this product, please carefully read and follow its product instruction manual. Charging time usually requires 2-4 hours, and contact with Senyang Medical is strongly advised as a hotline number to call.

If you are considering investing in the BMW03, feel free to reach out at for further assistance.