Lesser-Known Neck Pain Treatment Methods to Reduce Pain

Many people live with chronic neck pain due to various reasons. It disrupts their lives and makes it difficult over time. People with neck pain find it difficult to complete their everyday tasks. They use common neck pain treatments, such as medications, heat or cold therapy, etc., but it is not always enough to alleviate the pain completely. It is essential to understand the signals of the body and try different combinations of treatment methods to manage the pain.

Here are some lesser-known tips one must consider to manage neck pain

  • Use A Neck-Supporting Chair

Incorrect posture is one of the primary reasons for neck pain. It puts extra stress on the spine, resulting in pain and discomfort. Maintaining good posture throughout the day helps maintain the right balance of the head naturally, resulting in reduced pain and discomfort. Use a neck-supporting chair to keep your head naturally balanced. If you work on computers or laptops for a long time, use this chair and keep the monitor screen at the level of your eyes to avoid neck pain.

  • Make Use Of A Water Pillow

Another big reason for neck pain is interference in the night’s sleep. It makes the morning worse when you wake up with pain. While it is advised against using any pillow if you have neck pain, some people have reported success with water pillows. You can change the pillow’s firmness by adjusting the water level.

  • Contact A Physical Therapist

Physical therapy, under the guidance of experts, has various benefits. It helps remove stiffness and posture correction, strengthens weak muscles, and reduces the risk of reinjury. Much research says that combining physiotherapy with other neck pain treatments shows even more benefits in reducing pain.

  • Try Gua Sha

Chinese traditional medicine, known as gua sha, is administered by qualified practitioners to the afflicted area of the body where it is believed that blood circulation is stagnant. One small study suggests that Gua Sha is superior to heat therapy for treating neck pain, but further research is necessary as not all studies support this claim. 

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  • Get In A Pool

Swimming is a very useful low-impact exercise that helps many people with neck or back pain. The patients can consult with their physiotherapists or healthcare professionals about which swim stroke to use and which one they need to avoid for better results. 

  • Make Time For Meditation

A mindful meditation is always helpful in creating a balance between the body and the soul. Find some quiet space and relax your mind by practicing meditation or breathing exercises. You can use the internet to watch meditation videos and use them to ease stress and bring a new perspective to life.


Hopefully, these points will help you manage your neck pain. Chronic neck pain can very well be treated using non-surgical methods at top healthcare centers, like ANSSI Wellness. You can schedule an appointment with the specialists and get assured assistance. Maintain a proper posture and healthy lifestyle and eliminate chronic neck pain from your life.