Things You Need To Know About Drooping Eyelids

Drooping eyes or sleepy-looking eyes are definitely not a natural thing. However, if you look into the mirror and see that your upper eyelid covers your pupil or sags a little, you must know it is Ptosis.

But the question is, what is Ptosis (ptosis คือ, which is the term in Thai)? Let us know all about the drooping eyelids problem.


The drooping eyelids may not be that painful, but it is definitely irritating. It blocks the sight, and you must lift your head to have a clear vision. Sometimes, a child may also have this issue. Such a child who contracts this problem will have poor eyesight. If your child has these issues, it can cause long-term vision loss.

What Causes Drooping Eyelids

There are no causes of such a problem. Sometimes, it is there right from the time that you are born. One can get this problem in several ways. Especially in adulthood, the damaged nerve cells of your eyes can cause the pain of drooping eyelids.

However, for many, it comes with age. The muscles in and around the skin become weaker and hence cause the eyelid to droop.

Treatment Required

Though Ptosis does not affect the vision, if you do not treat it well, it can cause major problems. Often, doctors would not treat children who suffer from such eye problems.

Besides, the treatment does mean that you have to undergo surgery. The doctor will remove the extra layer of skin in this surgery, that would help to lift the eyelid.

Ptosis Crutch

The ptosis crutch is one of the nonsurgical methods of solving the problem. Once you add an attachment to your classes, you will be able to hold your eyelids in place.

However, you can get two kinds of crutch: reinforced and adjustable. The reinforced crutches attach to both sides of the frame, while the adjustable ones can be attached to only one side. You can install these crutches on every type of eyeglasses. But the unknown works best, especially on the metal frames. Make sure you consult ophthalmologists before you decide to use all these crutches.

Final Thoughts

Ptosis can be problematic, especially when reading, writing, or walking down or up the stairs. If you experience such a problem, you must immediately visit the doctor. Sometimes, it can cause other issues, including the construction of the vision. Especially children with this problem should immediately see a doctor.