Tips for Finding a Great Dentist in San Francisco

Searching for a new dentist can be a daunting task. You want to find someone you trust, who provides quality care, and accepts your insurance if you have coverage. Use this guide to help find the best dentist in San Francisco that matches your needs.

Ask People You Know for Recommendations

Word-of-mouth is often the best way to find a great dentist. Talk to friends, family members, neighbors and coworkers to get recommendations of dentists they use and trust in San Francisco. Find out details on dental care tips, facility cleanliness and how well the dentist explains treatment plans. If multiple people rave about a certain San Francisco dental practice, it’s likely a winner. If multiple people rave about a certain San Francisco dental practice, it’s likely a winner.

Search Dental Association Websites

Use the California Dental Association or American Dental Association websites to search for highly rated, accredited dentists in San Francisco. These types of professional associations only allow membership from dentists who have demonstrated significant expertise. Plus, association dentists typically have access to the latest industry training and techniques.

Evaluate Credentials

Carefully examine credentials of any dentists you’re considering. Look for dentists who graduated from accredited dental schools and who pursue ongoing education. Additionally, dentists who specialize in certain areas – such as pediatrics or orthodontia – have completed two or more years of focused residency training. Knowledgeable, highly-trained dentists provide exceptional patient care.

Arrange a Consultation Visit

Schedule a get-acquainted consultation appointment before committing to any San Francisco dentist. These types of visits allow you to assess the office environment, meet support staff, converse with the actual dentist and ask important questions about treatments, payment, emergency care and more. If the dentist declines or charges for initial visits, reconsider whether he or she is the right choice for your dental care.

Assess Bedside Manner

One of the most vital aspects of an outstanding dentist is positive bedside manner. The dentist should explain treatment plans and answer questions in clear, comforting ways. Staff should provide exceptional, compassionate patient care. Unsure how to assess bedside manner? Check online reviews from actual patients who describe their first-hand treatment experiences.

Finding the perfect San Francisco dentist takes effort but pays off through established trust and superior oral health care. Use these tips to discover an exceptional, reliable dentist who can care for your smile for years to come. With patience and research, you’ll join the 92% of surveyed patients who are highly satisfied with the dental care they receive from their chosen dentist.