What are the key features to look for in an IPL kit hair remover?

IPL kits are not only more affordable than professional treatments but also offer the convenience of being able to remove hair on your schedule. When shopping for an at-home IPL hair removal device, there are a few key features to look for to ensure you choose an effective and safe option. The light energy emitted from IPL devices weakens the hair follicle to prevent regrowth. To permanently reduce hair, experts recommend looking for a device that emits at least 350,000 flashes or more of light energy. The light energy level is measured in Joules; the higher the Joules, the more powerful the light energy. Opt for a hair removal kit that offers 5-7 Joules of light energy for the most permanent hair reduction.

Multiple treatment lamp heads

Since you’ll need to target hair on various parts of the body, look for a kit that comes with interchangeable treatment lamp heads. Most quality IPL kits will come with at least three treatment heads – one facial head, and two body heads (usually a small and large size). The ability to switch between specialized treatment heads allows you to customize treatments and safely remove hair on the face, legs, arms, bikini area, underarms, and more.

Integrated skin tone sensor

The safety feature for at-home IPL devices is an integrated skin tone sensor. This sensor gauges your skin’s exact pigmentation levels before each flash and adjusts the light intensity accordingly. Devices without a skin sensor put you at risk for skin damage that can result from light that is too strong for your skin tone. A skin sensor provides an extra level of safety and optimization as you treat different areas of your body.

Since hair and skin tones vary from person to person, look for a device that allows you to adjust the light energy intensity. Most quality IPL kits offer 5 energy level settings to customize the strength of each light pulse. Multiple settings allow you to test out the right light intensity for each body part you treat for the most comfortable and effective results.

Flashing safety light 

As an added safety feature, look for an IPL device that has a flashing safety light that indicates when the system is ready to deliver a pulse of light. It gives you time to properly position the treatment head against your skin before the light flashes. Proper skin contact is essential for safety and optimal results. The safety light provides an extra layer of control over treatments. To keep skin protected and comfortable during treatments, look for an IPL kit with a built-in cooling system in the treatment heads. The contact cooling simultaneously cools and soothes the skin as pulses of light are delivered.

To ensure ease of use during treatments, look for a lightweight, ergonomically designed device with an easy-grip handle. The ability to comfortably maneuver the device across all treatment areas makes for an easy at-home hair removal experience. Also, make sure the device is cordless for maximum portability and movement.