Breast Pumps: Characteristics to Look Out For

A breast pump is now considered a must-have item for many Singaporean mothers. It not only makes expressing milk easier for women but also allows moms to do other things without thinking about what to feed their babies. Gone are the days when you had to cancel all arrangements because you wanted to feed your baby breastmilk!

Aside from that, having a breast pump on hand might be useful when you need to enhance or maintain your milk production. It also becomes useful when you need to empty the breasts when they are engorged, and nursing is difficult. With many brands in the market to choose from, such as Baby Express, it may be difficult to find the right one for you.

So, what characteristics should you look for in a breast pump?

1. Function

Most mothers must choose between a manual and an electric breast pump. A manual pump will suffice if you are primarily a stay-at-home parent with a well-established milk supply. You can use it when you need to alleviate engorged breasts at home.

Meanwhile, if your schedule necessitates being away from your infant most of the time, an electric breast pump is the ideal alternative. If your maternity leave is ending and you intend to continue providing breastmilk to your baby, an electric breast pump will help you express milk more quickly than a manual breast pump.

2. Price

As a general guideline, spend just what you need and can afford. While great breast pumps might be costly, be open to new manufacturers that provide the same quality without breaking the bank (they do exist!)

Remember that the money you spend on a dependable breast pump will ultimately pay for itself when considering the expense of formula feeding.

3. Single or double

Similarly, electric breast pumps are divided into single and double pumps, with the double being typically more expensive. Single electric breast pumps are an excellent alternative for mothers who intend to regularly express milk for their children.

If you must select between a single and double pump, remember that the double pump will cut your expressing time in half. This will be handy for working mothers who plan to pump at work. Furthermore, expressing both breasts at the same time will, of course, result in more milk.

4. Portability

The fact about breastfeeding is that you must breastfeed or pump often to maintain a consistent milk supply. Skipping a feeding or pumping session may reduce your breastmilk supply.

As a result, it’s critical to select a model that’s easy to transport, fits in your suitcase, and is adaptable enough to be utilised in any situation. Additionally, check for brands or models that may be utilised with a power bank or batteries.

5. Configuration

Another crucial trait to check for is if it has two sorts of expression. Electric breast pumps generally let you select between stimulation/massage and expression/suction modes. The stimulation or massage phase produces mild and fast suctions to activate the let-down response. Meanwhile, the suction or expression phase produces deeper and longer suctions to pump milk.

This function enhances the nursing experience by allowing you to select what is most comfortable for you. Even better, choose a brand or model with variable suction levels that allow you to customise the suction power.

6. Sound

The desire to pump milk might strike us at any time – we understand, moms. As a result, select a brand or model that is quiet enough to be used within the nursery, bedroom, or workplace without disturbing anybody. Ideally, use breast pumps with decibel ratings of 50 or below.