Natural remedies for leucorrhoea treatment

Natural treatments are more beneficial for our bodies and cause no side effects. Even though this takes a little more time to cure, it cures completely. In ancient times, people have grown up with natural foods and natural treatments for any type of health issue. There are natural remedies for leucorrhoea. Intake of the lady’s finger will help to cure this problem. We must intake lightly steamed food and consumption of ripe bananas or fruits every day. Drinking any fruit juice without sugar and ice will help to solve this problem in a better way. Avoid consuming spicy and fried foods. These are the natural remedies for leucorrhoea treatment.

Natural food diet for leucorrhoea 

Indian gooseberry which is known as amla is the super diet for leucorrhoea which is rich in vitamin c and helps to boost immunity and keeps us healthy. Estrogen is the main hormone that causes leucorrhoea. Citrus fruits such as lemon have the power to cure our vaginal health, especially if recurring infections and vaginal discharge that women face. This can be due to a heavy dose of vitamin c. Using lemon directly is typically not advisable. Intake of oranges, lemons, onions, green vegetables, curd, and bananas at regular intervals will make a change in our bodies. These are the natural food intakes for leucorrhoea treatment.

Benefits of natural remedies for leucorrhoea treatment

Natural medicine helps in flushing out dead cells and other toxins from the reproductive organ of the body. It improves the flexibility of the vaginal muscles and helps to maintain chemical balance. It is a primary female sex hormone responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive organ. The medicinal properties of tulsi or basil leaves are well known a mixture of tulsi and honey must be consumed to observe relief from vaginal discharge. An overnight soaking solution of coriander seeds and water must be consumed after straining daily every morning on empty stomach.

Overcome the initial stages of leucorrhoea

Dried ginger water, boiled in water, and reduced to half must be drunk twice a day at least for three weeks. This is an excellent home remedy to treat this leucorrhoea treatment at the initial stage. Pomegranate is extremely beneficial in curing leucorrhoea. It may be consumed as a fruit or a juice to avail of its benefits in aiding leucorrhoea infection. Drink one glass of cranberry juice daily without sugar. Always ensure that you maintain personal hygiene around your reproductive and intimate parts. Always wash the vagina thoroughly after urinating and do not let moisture remain in the intimate regions. Avoid consumption of substance use. Hot and spicy foods must be reduced in the diet. Wet or damp clothes must be immediately changed. Any cosmetic products shouldn’t be used around the genital area.

Final thoughts

Self-medication must be strictly avoided. Drinking more fluids and eating a healthy diet will support our bodies. This helps in lower back pain treatment. Keeping the body cool is very important. Consuming butter milk, and many others which keep our body cool is better for this problem.