What Causes Under Eye Wrinkles and How To Prevent It?

Eye Wrinkles

Under-eye fine lines are the first signs of the ageing process, which occurs when our skin loses collagen. The skin under our eyes is very delicate due to which fine lines become very apparent. Although it is not possible to avoid having 皺紋 as we age there are possible ways through that this ageing process can be pushed back.

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Causes of under-eye fine lines

Under-eye fine lines usually occur when the skin around the eyes becomes thin and lose elasticity. There could be several reasons that would accelerate this ageing process.

Harsh sun rays

Sun exposure causes dull and sagging skin issues and especially affects the eyes. Sun damage and strong UV rays can start appearing as fine lines and creases.

Too much facial expression

Too much squinting and frowning can lead to developing grooves under the skin due to which creases are formed.

Frequent rubbing of eyes

Your under-eye skin is very thin and delicate. Hence, rubbing your eyes frequently stretches the skin, which leads to elastin breakdown and forms fine lines.

Dry skin

Lack of adequate moisture leads to skin tightness and flakiness, which produces fine lines and sagging skin problems, mainly around the eyes.


Nicotine obstructs proper blood flow in the skin which results in dull and sagging skin. Moreover, when you squint while smoking, it contributes to fine lines under the eyes.

Sleeping on the back

Studies have found that sleeping on your side or stomach can lead to early signs of fine lines and sleeping flat with your face against the pillow leads to facial imperfections.

Preventing under-eye fine lines

Following certain precautions will help in reducing your under-eye fine lines and creases.

Apply sunscreen

Applying sunscreen gently around your eyes every two-three hours, especially when you are out on a sunny day along with a good pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes and minimize fine lines.

Apply moisturiser

Using a good moisturiser with ceramides to be applied on the delicate area around the eyes helps in keeping the skin hydrated and does not let it get dry. This would keep away the fine lines and creases.

Be mindful of bad habits

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes frequently.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Avoid long hours of screen time on computers, tv, or smartphones.
  • Apply cool eye masks to give some rest to your eyes.

While it is not possible to completely stay away from wrinkled 眼紋 after a certain age, you can at least delay the process with the right precautions and remedies. Get proper treatment and follow preventive measures so that you age gracefully.