Prenatal Diagnosis: What Is The Purpose Of Ultrasound For Pregnancy?

Many are asking how the other mothers find out the current growth of the baby inside the womb and its gender. Pregnant women, especially those for their firstborns, might have no idea about ultrasound scanning. An ultrasound is an imaging method using sound waves to create pictures inside the body. The process of this imaging method is called an ultrasound scan, which usually diagnoses whether a woman is pregnant or there is something inside the body that causes discomfort.

The noninvasive imaging test

Ultrasound is a type of noninvasive imaging test that shows structures inside the body using high-intensive sound waves. Hospitals and healthcare providers are using ultrasound exams for various purposes, such as:

  • during pregnancy
  • for diagnosing conditions
  • for image guidance during specific procedures

The ultrasound picture is called a sonogram, which can also be in the form of an image or video. Most people associate ultrasound sound with pregnancy, although it is not only intended for it, there are more uses that you need to know. Yet, the focus here is ultrasound scans for pregnancy.

Ultrasound in pregnancy

A pregnancy or prenatal ultrasound uses sound waves to create a picture or video of the baby on a screen. The pregnancy provider uses it to check on the health of the baby and detect possible pregnancy complications. Most people get two ultrasounds during pregnancy, but it can be more when your doctor feels it is medically necessary. The prenatal ultrasound is a test during the pregnancy that checks on the health and development of the baby.

The ultrasound during pregnancy is performed by the following professionals:

  • Obstetrician
  • Nurse midwife
  • Ultrasound technician (sonographer)

Sometimes, an ultrasound checks the baby and ensures they are growing healthily and properly. Other times, the pregnancy care provider orders an ultrasound after detecting a problem. During the ultrasound, an ultrasound wave is sent through the abdomen or vagina through a device called a transducer. The sound waves bounce off the structures in the body, including:

  • baby
  • reproductive organs

The sound waves transform into images that the provider can see on the screen. But, it doesn’t use any tool or activity that can harm the baby, such as:

  • Radiation
  • X-rays

Although prenatal ultrasounds are safe, you must have it when it is medically necessary. If there is no reason for an ultrasound, your insurance company will pay for it. Prenatal ultrasounds are called fetal ultrasounds or pregnancy ultrasounds. The healthcare provider talks to you about when to expect ultrasounds during pregnancy, according to your health history.

Is fetal ultrasound essential during pregnancy?

An ultrasound has a few ways to your pregnancy care provider’s recommendation to see and hear the baby. It helps them determine how long you have been pregnant. If your baby is growing properly or if there are any potential problems with the pregnancy period, an ultrasound may be recommended. Ultrasound happens at any time during pregnancy, depending on what the provider will look for.

However, as a pregnant woman, you can request an ultrasound if you want to have a gender reveal party.