Will We must Put on a “Surgical Mask” to avoid H1n1 Virus?

With recent endemic of H1n1 Virus, we’re able to understand the exponential progression of Surgical Mask sales. We’re able to even notice people putting on surgical mask in a open area without any one around.

According to my understanding, H1N1 virus isn’t airborne. An AIRBORNE VIRUS is called in in which the microorganism might have survive or remain in mid-air for almost any long time. The trainer told us the H1N1 virus doesn’t stay airborne.

So the wonder if we have to put on the Surgical Mask otherwise? Have to be reconsider. For instance, we’re able to see many people putting on masks in crowded places like the airports, stores and schools. Places such as these are filled with gems. So, herpes could possibly get in a hole within the mask, the client is really offering an atmosphere for the bacteria by moisturising it. No this really is frequently an excellent recipe for almost any disaster?

Thus For me the easiest method to avoid H1N1 virus should be to avoid physical mention of the individuals who might be infected or sick We must also avoid generally touched surfaces for example railings for stair and escalator or even public toilet doorknobs. Why? Because we have to avoid these infections from entering the body system through our nose, mouth or even our eyes. Keep in mind that nose, mouth and eyes are common places in where perform touch everyday.

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So the best suggestion remain

  1. Wash your hands as FREQUENT as possible.

  1. Feel, as this Nose, Mouth and Eyes in public areas. ( or in the best when you washed both of your hands )

  1. Put on Mask if you’re infected to prevent disbursing your illness to a new person.